In 2008, me and my pal Sweet P covered NY Fashion Week for MTV News. We taped for 4 full days and it got whittled down to a 3 minute segment. (Shout out to producer Christina Garibaldi and reporter Jocelyn Vena!)


Anyway, while working on my reel (OMG I’m so LA) I just found ALLLLLL the stuff that was left on the cutting room floor for various reasons. (Audio issues, too goofy, too random.)

I thought I’d share ‘cause I found it amusing. And if you were as into 2008-era Bravo as I was, you just hit the motherload. Pre-WWHL Andy Cohen! Tim Gunn! Christian Siriano! Make Me A Supermodel Ronnie!

[Things I know we taped that I can’t find: my interview with the impossibly sweet Elijah Wood, where I made a Jared Leto joke to his face. Holy crap, the balls I had 5 years ago. SMH.]

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